On the threshold of a bright future

On the threshold of a bright future

Graduation Ceremony

It was time to bid yet another batch of Jyoti Nivas College goodbye as the students of the outgoing 2011-2014 batch were treated to a heart-warming cultural extravaganza at the recently held graduation ceremony. 

A celebration of their time in the college, the graduation began with an invocation song by the college choir, followed by the lighting of the lamp. 

After this, the graduating batch heard their principal Sr Elizabeth’s inspiring message. 

In her speech, the principal said, “The world is circular. Where one journey ends, the other begins...”, emphasising the fact that though they would be leaving the threshold of the college for another, Jyoti Nivas was, is and will still be their second home.
The graduating batch then witnessed exciting cultural performances, including a musical presented by their juniors. 

While the choir serenaded the audience with their soulful performance, the juniors represented the age-old conflict that all graduates face – ‘what should I do now?’ 
The message of the musical was in tandem with the college mission. 

Individual teachers also got a chance to share their experiences with the outgoing batch and wish them luck for the future. 

“Each year is unique as it’s a new experience to teach a new batch. 

In fact, students play the role of backbone and become support system for teachers too,” said Dr Susheela of the department of English.
As for the graduates,some felt nostalgic about the college while others couldn’t wait to start the next phase of their lives.

“I enjoyed the skit as it showed that no matter what stream we choose, in the end, the courage to face the world is what matters. It also emphasised that being oneself in every situation is the best thing to do,” said Neha Deepak, a graduating student.

Rochelle Stephens, a graduating student and one of the valedictorians, said “It’s extremely overwhelming to be leaving this college where I spent five years learning and nurturing my talents. The college has given me so much to hold on to, so many memories to cherish. It is more than a college to me as it became my home and to be graduating as not only the president but also a valedictorian makes me feel honoured.”