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Last Updated 07 April 2014, 14:33 IST
True, youth are actually the future of a nation and they are the ones who areresponsible for the upliftment of the society as a whole. 

Keeping their ‘responsibilities’ in mind towards their society, students of Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR) have put forward a series of suggestions, one of them being the violence against women on educational campuses.
The issue of violence against women has taken centre-stage in the country. 

Keeping this in mind, students of LSR had a three-day discussion with international women’s right activists and authors, and have come out with a ‘Declaration’ designed to ensure safe campuses.

Dr Krishna Menon, associate professor, political science, said, “This was one of the many major suggestions made by the students of our college, keeping in mind the current status of women in India. 
Other than this we also highlighted the fact that inspite of getting good education and qualification, why are women all around the world still not seen occupying enough place in leadership and administration.”
The declaration also suggested that institutes of higher learning could network with hospitals, schools and police stations in the neighbourhood to offer workshops on the theme of gender justice.
 It also suggested to invite police to conduct workshops in the college on law and their 
enforcement procedures. 

Also, keeping in mind the impact of media in today’s world, the declaration suggested colleges to work with media organisations to provide feedback on ‘sexist comments’ aired during the news and various other entertainment programs.
Dr Krishna further added, “The authors and other dignitaries who came for the discussion were all very happy to listen to such great suggestions by the students. One of the suggestions, which I really liked was to provide accommodation in the college campus for women facing domestic violence.”
Around 150 students worked on drafting the declaration, which could be implemented in college campuses. 

Thirty women leaders from media, corporate sector and academia in South Asian countries participated in the three-day event. 

The event was held in collaboration with The Women in Public Service Project of the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars.

(Published 07 April 2014, 14:33 IST)

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