Technology for us

Technology for us

Technology for us

Gadgets make our lives simpler. So, make optimum use of smart  technology at home to lead a stress-free life, writes K S Someswara.

Modern home is flooded with highly advanced gadgets and appliances and these gadgets have converted our dwelling place into a tech-savvy area. 
These technologically advanced tools have become indispensable for us. From an auto-stop faucet in the wash basin to a dish washer, ovens in the kitchen and entertainment gadgets in our living room to air conditioners, the list is endless. 

Here are a few gadgets which can make our homes safe and technologically advanced.

Generally, we have to operate various electric switches in every part of the house. 
It would be necessary to turn them off when they are not in use so one’s memory should be sharp enough to check them before going out. 
In order to avoid such  headaches, here is something called a ‘home-automation system’.

This is a simple gadget which can switch off lights, gas valves and thermostats, including air conditioners.
Helpful technology

The entire house will be in your hands through a tablet. 

This is easy to operate and is interfaced with different appliances which can be scheduled and operated. 
Some of the advanced facilities in this home automation system includes the setting of mood lighting, selection of temperature of the pool and also playing appropriate music whenever required.

The jewel of any kitchen is the refrigerator. 
This will aid any homemaker with multipurpose activities. 

A high-tech refrigerator can keep track of the food stored in the same and adjust the temperature in relation to the humidity outside. 

It also sends alerts on the storage of food and its life span. 

Another feature is its capacity to prepare a checklist on shopping to be done in terms of groceries and vegetables. Many refrigerators also have entertainment options like MP3 and a video screen.

An auto-bar requires no bartender. 
It would act as one itself by mixing drinks to the exact specification and delivering it to the user. 
It can also keep track of the exact alcoholic intake of the person. 

This also has the facility of temperature controls according to the specification of the liquor. 
What more, it also has a provision for making ice and storing the same.
An alarm clock is a must for life in a metro.
Old clocks with blaring sounds have always had a bitter-sweet relationship with us. 
But here comes a soothing alarm clock called an aroma therapy alarm clock  which infuses essential aroma oils by means of ultrasonic vibration. 

It can also be customised to the users’ preference. 
In the mood for entertainment?

When it comes to home entertainment, TVs with advanced technology like LCD, LED and plasma have made their way into every home. 
But they are no match to the Ultra HD TV which is the ultimate in home entertainment.

Available in various sizes and models, they provide higher resolution than the regular HD TV. 

The backlit LED and motorised sound bars that slide down the screen while watching the TV enrich the user experience to a great extent.
More and more entertainment gadgets like tablets and music players are available apart from TV. 

All these need a centralised music hub which can be connected to many speakers, woofers and digital amplifiers. 
This will provide an excellent sound clarity and give you the theatre experience at home.
Security matters

Last but not the least is the home security system. 

It has become almost mandatory for every home now that includes a video surveillance system with live streamers, an alarm system with both window and door sensors, smoke and broken glass sensors. 
It can also switch on and off the domestic appliances remotely. 
Some of them are available with back-up batteries which will be of great use during power failures. 
The system also has a provision to send notifications through e-mail alerts or call mobile numbers in case of emergency or intrusion.
All these are not gadgets from a science fiction movie, but they are a reality. 
The market is teeming with such tech-savvy gadgets. 

Choose the best and the most economical among them to keep your home technologically forward.

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