Omar lashes out at BJP for anti-Muslim statements

Omar lashes out at BJP for anti-Muslim statements

Omar lashes out at BJP for anti-Muslim statements

Lashing out at the BJP and Sangh Parivar, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Wednesday said the statements of some of their leaders against the Muslim community were part of a “well-planned conspiracy” to polarise voters.

“They are threatening time and again, be it Pravin Togadia or Amit Shah or recently their candidate Giriraj Singh, this is being done as part of a well-planned conspiracy to divide people and to fight the elections on communal lines, this is their way,” he alleged.

Defending his criticism of the BJP, Omar claimed he was not levelling any unfounded allegations against the party but only reacting to the statements made by its leaders.

“We are not levelling any unfounded allegations on them (BJP). If we have said anything, we have said that is based on their statements and their threats every now and then especially to Muslims and those opposing Modi,” he told reporters.

Questioning those calling for boycotting of elections in the state, Omar said people should have an “open choice” to either vote or boycott the polls and they should not be “threatened” to do so.

He, however, did not discount that recent attacks on political workers in the Valley could have an impact on the voter turnout in the Lok Sabha elections.

“There will be an impact and this is where I disagree (resorting to violence to enforce boycott). If you call for a boycott of the elections, then people should be left with an open choice to either boycott or not. When we do not threaten the people to vote, then why do they threaten them for a boycott?” said Omar.

The chief minister said those who call for the boycott of elections were not sure of its success and were “using fear” to keep the people away.