Varied lessons from life

Varied lessons from life

Varied lessons from life
The ‘TEDxPESITBSC’, organised by the students of PES South Campus, was an exciting event with the students taking an active interest in the talks given by eminent speakers. 

The motive behind organising the event was to inspire and it did just that. 

The speakers were from diverse backgrounds and shared their thoughts on different topics. 

The theme of the event was ‘Defy and Discover’. 

Rajeswari Kannan was the first person to talk about the smart ways of innovating current technologies and how small changes in current products could bring about a much more efficient design. 

The next in line was Saad Khan, the director of the film ‘Station’. 

He spoke about how having a good attitude and driving yourself to achieve great things could result in just that. 

Akkai Padmashali, an inspiring transgender activist, was the next to talk about her life and how she fought against all adversities to stand up for what she believed in. 

“Dr Shyam Bhat, a speaker, reminded us all that we are happy people and how being yourself works best. 

He also gave a hint about the us returning to Indian heritage. 

Miss Earth 2010 Nicole Faria spoke on how she went on to live her dreams and Nishesh Mehta, a successful social entrepreneur, showed everybody how he made a difference to the lives of millions in society,” said Ashok, a student.

Yazmin Claire Kazi, a drummer and former research scientist, spoke about how a minute could change one’s life and how she learnt to face failure. 

She then enthralled the audience with a drum solo that left everyone in awe. 

Finally, it was the turn of Aal, and Sunil, who energised the crowd with their special talent — beatboxing. 

Arjav Jain, a speaker curator of the event, was quite impressed with Ian Faria’s workshop on impression management. 

“The energy he has is immense and I’ve already started speaking differently to new people and feel very positive about myself,” he said. 

A surprise event took place midway through the programme as the speakers, members of the audience and organising committee got on the stage to dance to the popular song ‘Happy’.

Surabhi Subramanya, student of PESIT— South and part of the organising committee, noted that ideas discussed at the talk were worth spreading. 

“The participation of a variety of people transformed our nature irrespective of our age. 

It’s amazing how a strong message can be put across and forces people to think in a span of just a few hours,” she said. 

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