Don't succumb to pressure, GTD to officials

Don't succumb to pressure, GTD to officials

Don't succumb to pressure, GTD to officials

Chamundeshwari MLA G T Devegowda on Tuesday warned officials against coming under the influence of those persons seeking benefits in the name of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

When Devegowda sought a clarification from the panchayat development officer of Gopalpura for over utilisation of tankers, during a meeting on drinking water supply related to his constituency, the official said that he was forced to allot more tankers by some “influential persons”.

The legislator immediately warned officials in general to come under any such pressure.

It was resolved in the meeting to appoint in-charge officials for every village where water is being distributed through tankers. He also directed that bills be cleared every month.

PDO of Nuggahalli, which has a population of 660 people demanded water supply through tankers be resumed, as water levels in borewells had depleted in the last one month.

The official also explained that at Beerihundi alone, six borewellers had failed. Even though water was being supplied through tankers, there were complaints of disparity in the supply.

Till December last, an amount of Rs 1.69 crore was spent on distributing water through tankers.

However, bills were yet to be cleared, while arrears from January till date stood at Rs 1.28 crore.

A section of residents of Bogadi village complained that they had been hit by water scarcity, and that officials had turned a blind eye to their woes.

In his reply, Gowda blamed Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) for developing residential layouts like Bogadi Village, SBM layout, without creating basic infrastructural facilities.

He assured that water would be supplied through the already laid pipeline, in one week.