Take stock of it!

Take stock of it!

Take stock of it!

Ever cooked a meal at a luxury hotel? ‘Memories of China at Vivanta by Taj gives foodies an opportunity to cook their own meal for the ‘Steamboat Festival’ which is on till May 30. Guest can enjoy the authentic and traditional flavours of Chinese food and cook it in the quintessential Chinese way while they dine at the hotel.

A simmering metal pot consisting of several varieties of stew from East Asia will be kept on the centre of the table and guests will be able to choose from various ingredients like thinly sliced meat, sea food and vegetables.

Chef Lai Hin Tong William, who has designed the entire menu and the concept of Steamboat Festival, says that the guests will be served with their own choice of meats, seafood and vegetables and they can also order other varieties if they wish.

 “The ingredients will be placed on the table. All the guests have to do is to put the meat in the stock and let it cook for four or five minutes in the stock.

As soon as the meat cooks, they can take it out and enjoy it with the special sauces that have been prepared especially for the festival.

This traditional Chinese delicacy is a mixed bag of all flavours with eight different varieties of stocks such as coriander, clay soup, chin chou etc.

There are two types of sauces to enhance the flavours. Besides being a healthy option, the food is extremely deliciously, the meat once cooked to perfection is succulent and a treat to the taste buds.

“Back in China, we spend hours in front of the simmering bowl of stock, talking to friends and family and eating together. What better way to bond with family than food and steamboat provides just that?

There is no oil that is used and hence it is a very healthy option for those who prefer eating light and healthy.

We have eight different varieties of stock while some are tangy and go with the Indian as well as the Chinese palette, there are others which are less spicy and yet full of flavours,” says chef Tong.

What is interesting about the food is that it can be cooked according to one’s likes. Those who want the meat to be cooked well can let it simmer in the pot till it is cooked perfectly and those who would want the vegetables and the meat to be a tad bit rare can have it that way too.