Hot momos straight from the cart

Hot momos straight from the cart


Hot momos straight from the cart

There is a whole row of momo vendors outside the park next to Bethany High School, Koramangala near the police station.

 These vendors have been here for about five years and are mostly from Darjeeling and Assam. They came to Bangalore with the idea of treating Bangaloreans to some special momos with the flavour of the North East.

Deb Prakash Rai, an experienced momo vendor, says, “I have been selling momos for the past five years now. I can’t say that there has been a lot of business. It’s just sufficient enough for us to make a living. My stall is open from 5 pm to 9 pm. I was compelled by my low income in Darjeeling to come here and set up a business.”

As they are located in a residential area, they get business all the more. The same street has other varieties of food too. Hence, it’s always abuzz with people.Madhav and Ojhas are regular customers at these stalls. “We stay near the park and have been coming to these stalls for the past year. We do not have any particular favourites. We relish everything prepared here,” they say. 

Since these items are prepared in front of the customers, there is no question about their freshness. The environment is clean too and the vendors themselves maintain good hygiene while preparing the food. 

A new vendor on the block, Salman who is from Kolkata, says, “I started selling momos here just a year ago. Our business is doing good. With this money, my children are able to study and we can run our house.” 

   He adds, “My wife gave me the idea of selling momos. She is from Bhutan and there is a variety of momos available in her village. 

There isn’t any particular favourite among our customers. They like whatever we cook and since our rates are reasonable, they don’t have a problem.” 

Foodies can choose from vegetarian/non-vegetarian and fried/steamed momos. They can also opt for deep or shallow fried momos. With options as many as these, it looks like Bangaloreans can definitely make this their regular stop for lip-smacking dishes from the North East.