Realtor may have killed family, self to avoid arrest

Realtor may have killed family, self to avoid arrest

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), which is probing the March 27 suicide pact by realtor-cum-financier Kaushik P Sharma, 40, his wife Srilatha, 36, son Kaustubh, 9 and daughter Sriraksha, 11, is all set to submit a report that Sharma decided to kill his wife and children before ending his life to avoid a possible arrest by the police.

Sharma had duped several persons in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore by making false promises. He realised that his arrest was imminent and hence, decided to kill his family members, besides himself, said sources in the CID.

More shocking was the revelation that Sharma was none other than Satish Reddy, who had duped several persons in Hyderabad a few years ago.

He operated in the name of Satish Reddy there.

He created documents and managed to convince many that Satish Reddy died.

Later, he moved to Bangalore and settled here, police said.

He created Reddy’s fake death certificates with the help of a family member.

He (Reddy) had made claims that his father had twins and he was one of the two, while his brother stayed in Bangalore.

He bought properties at Vakil Garden near Talaghattapura in Ramanagar district.

He married Srilatha, a woman from a poor family in Udupi and had a son and a daughter, added the police.

The suicides took place on March 27. In a suicide note, he stated that nobody was responsible for the deaths.

He had also alleged that Reddy, a Hyderabad City Crime Station police officer, had usurped his money, ornaments and sites. He did so to mislead the police, added the police.

A native of Udupi, he had lived in the United States. He had reportedly bought close to 200 acres of land near Kollegal. He had bought three sites in Vakil Garden as well.