Huge jumps in ComedK medical ranks baffle all

Huge jumps in ComedK medical ranks baffle all

Huge jumps in ComedK medical ranks baffle all

A day after the ComedK UGET 2014 results, several calls poured into the ComedK office by parents and students on Thursday, questioning this year’s Medical ranks that in no way corresponded to previous year’s ranks.

The steep jump in ranks baffled everyone alike. However, a closer introspection revealed that a record number of 7,543 candidates had secured between 125 and 178 marks, out of a total 180 in the entrance test for Medical stream this time. |

Upon analysing the results, ComedK officials were in for some startling statistics.

While last year, only 1,536 students had scored between 125 and 159 (the highest score), this time, approximately five times more the number had figured between a score of 125 and 178 (the top score).

“Some students who were concerned about the disparity in rank numbers compared to last year visited the ComedK office. We analysed the performance of students this time and what we found was mind boggling,” ComedK Chief Executive A S Srikanth said.

To clear the confusion, ComedK has decided to host the results of all students including their ranks and scores on the ComedK website.

The same would be uploaded by Friday.

A peek into the previous year scores reveals a drastic shift in the performance of students in the entrance test.

For instance, the highest score in ComedK Medical in 2013 was 159 and only two students had secured the score.

This year, 69 students have achieved the same score. Hence, while the top 1 and 2 ranks were for the score 159 last time, candidates with the same score this year figure in ranks from 301 to 369.

The number of students getting the same score increases as the score drops.

Taking another score, 145 out of 180 for example, 12 students secured this in 2013 and they got ranks between 31 and 42.

Going a year before, in 2012, 11 students who got 145 had ranks between 75 and 85.

Looking at the same score this year, the ranks have jumped by thousands.

As many as 192 students have scored 145 this time and the corresponding ranks are between 2007 and 2197.

The number of students who wrote ComedK Medical test has also increased by 5,628 this year.

In 2013, about 39,607 students took the exam and in 2014, about 45,235 students appeared for the test.

If there are several students with the same score, ComedK has four parameters to assign ranks.

First, the candidate with the least number of negative responses gets the higher rank.

Second, the student with the higher aggregate in Chemistry and Biology gets the higher rank.

Third, the student with higher marks in Biology paper gets the upper hand.

After applying all this, if there are still candidates remaining with the same score, the consortium goes by the age of the candidate. The older candidate gets the better rank.

If further there is a tie in the marks, ranks are assigned by ascending alphabetical order (A-Z).