2 protesting farmers attempt suicide

2 protesting farmers attempt suicide

The indefinite protest against the move of the Forest department to evict farmers from Inam land entered the sixth day on Tuesday.

A couple of protesters - Hemant of Balige village and Manjunath of Mujekan village poured kerosene over themselves in a bid to set themselves afire. But the other protesters stopped them from going ahead and poured water on them.

The duo attempted suicide when they came to know that the Forest department had planned to evict farmer Neyappan of Hebbale village from his land.

The protesters then marched towards the office of the deputy commissioner to lay siege to it. The police barricaded the area to stop the agitators in their tracks.

Deputy Commissioner B S Shekarappa went to the protestors to listen to their grievances. He said the interests of farmers would be protected.