Melodies from the heart

Melodies from the heart

Blues Street

Melodies from the heart

 Dana Gillespie

The biting cold could not stop many from coming to the Bengaluru Habba. The amphitheatre in UB city was overflowing with people of all kinds, most of whom were lovers of the band London Blues.

With a bottle of beer in theirs hands, along with piping hot momos, chicken satay, chicken dumplings with lemon grass, vegetable rolls and many other delicacies were brought to the venue, music-lovers comfortably settled down on one of the various beds laid out for the audience and listened to the London Blues.

They all enjoyed a chill, windy night with lovely music from the band.

 As Dana Gillespie, the voice of London Blues came on stage, the crowd roared and welcomed her by putting its hands together.

She thanked everyone with a namaskara and hit the floor straight away, with her melodious voice. Dressed in a purple and cherry red top with black jeans along with an antique neck piece, her hands full of simple glass bangles, she stole the hearts of all her fans yet again.

Dana was extremely lively on stage and throughout her performance, she kept dancing as she sang passionately.

As promised by her, she gave good music to the crowd and kept them entertained throughout the concert leaving many humming back her songs as they went home after a melodious night.

Said Richard B, “I was introduced to London Blues by a close friend of mine and I fell in love with them the first time I listened to them. I like the way the entire band gels together and performs. I am also glad that they are performing this time at Bengaluru Habba, feels good to listen to them at home.”

When Dana sang Ten Tonne Blocks, she said, “We all have troubles in life. There is absolutely noone on earth who can exist without trouble, this song is for all those who are experiencing trouble.”

These words moved the audience and they all listened to her silently.
Dhruv, a mechanical engineer said, “My mom used to listen to London Blues and that is how I became their fan. I feel their music is so pure and straight from the heart that I feel sucked by them instantly.”