Musical treat for tired taste buds

Musical treat for tired taste buds


There is no dearth of restaurants in the City, which theme themselves around rock music. So is there a need for another addition with a cryptic name? ‘TC’ as it is christened, makes one wonder about its expanded form! 

On landing, Metrolife’s spaceship finds itself in a planet of music with lovely architecture that deserves a special mention. While there is space for those who want to soak in the pub ambience, there is also a provision for those who like their food to be visible as they eat! This is enabled by a decor that allows natural light from windows and makes use of spaces such as below the staircase (for a cashier room).

In one such area of the restaurant, the Chilli Mushroom and Crispy Konji Lamb are served on glass plates. Both look similar due to the prominent red colour and taste similar too thanks to the inclusion of ketchup, vinegar, chopped ginger-garlic and dark soya sauce.

One wonders if more sampling is required to pass judgement and just then the plump Kaichi Chicken Wings tantalise the palate to the extent that one doesn’t mind dirtying hands to shred and savour it. The tender chicken cooked in garlic sauce and ginger juice gives a fine balance of the sweet and content in the appetiser.

To match its taste, a draught of the gooey Chocolate Broken Brownie Shake to soothe the soul with oodles of sinful chocolate blended into a thick concoction becomes mandatory. But avoid trying Mississipi Mud Shake if anything ‘too sweet’ is not your pick!

With the appetite fairly sated, it is difficult to appreciate the Sliced Sole Chilli and Grilled Prawns with BBQ Sauce. More so, because the fish tastes bland and a little raw in the centre whereas the prawns are neither ‘hot’ nor grilled to perfection. Lacking juice, the prawns in starters match the ones in mains i.e. Prawns in Hot Garlic Sauce – which is also not succulent and full of red tomato ketchup.

Soon the table is loaded with main course dishes making it difficult to decide from where to begin. The boiled chicken pieces with star anis flavour in the Chicken Claypot don’t impress much and the Grilled Cottage Cheese & Vegetables in BBQ Sauce with Herbed Rice, acts as an anchor. The dish cooked in olive oil is full of fresh herbs such as oregano and parsley and creates a burst of flavours in the mouth.

The chef needs to be credited for only placing the cottage cheese steak above red sauce while plating the dish which allows the cheese to remain tender yet firm.

The best, however, is Mee Goreng. The taste of the Malaysian noodles cooked with vegetables gets enhanced due to a touch of vegetarian oyster sauce (mushroom sauce) that combines with chilli oil to make a delectable bowl of delicacy.

Top a meal at TC with a glass full of layers of sponge cake and Tiramisu, set meticulously by pastry chef Surajbir Singh. The flavour of mascapone cheese dipped in syrup (comprising kahlua and rum along with sugar and coffee powder) lingers on for long. But the mystery over the unsual name ‘TC’ remains till head chef Nawal Prakash informs one to connect it to the ‘Thai and Chinese’ that the place serves!