Boy watches TV at high volume, killed

Boy watches TV at high volume, killed

Cops hunt for his missing brother-in-law

 Raising the volume of the television set proved costly for a 12-year-old boy at west Delhi’s Nihal Vihar. His brother-in-law allegedly killed him by smashing his head after repeated orders to lower the volume went unheard on Thursday night.

The victim’s parents work as labourers at a construction site and were out with their daughter for some work.

The boy was left at home with his 30-year-old brother-in-law Hari Chand.

The victim’s parents and sister returned home around 10 pm to find the house locked from outside.

They tried calling Chand on his mobile number but found it switched off.

Seeing the parents agitated, some neighbours gathered outside the house and told them that they had heard the boy and Chand arguing loudly. Chand was repeatedly ordering the victim, not named by police, to lower the volume.

The volume was lowered for brief whiles before being raised again and again, they were told.

Some shopkeepers in the neighbourhood also told them that they had seen Chand leaving the house alone. The alarmed family broke open the door on learning this.The victim was lying injured on the floor. Police said he appeared to be struck with a large stone or brick on his head.

No weapon used in the crime was found at the spot though. The victim was rushed to the hospital where he was declared brought dead.

Police registered a case of murder against Chand and have launched a manhunt for him. He continues to evade police though.

The victim’s family has told police that Chand was short-tempered, but they never thought he would go to the extent of killing their son.

He had come to Delhi from Bihar only three months ago for treatment at a government hospital here.

Ever since he had come to Delhi, he would object to the victim watching television at loud volume.