Some snapshots of Goa

Some snapshots of Goa


Some snapshots of Goa

Guests at the event

The launch of the book ‘Edge of Faith’ by popular travel writer William Dalrymple also took place. As the socialites and artists waited for the author to arrive, they had a good time looking at the photographs of Goa, which were beautifully captured by Prabuddha.

A majority of the pictures had strong elements of Christianity, and brought the culture of Goa to life. Most of the prominent artists and photographers of the City, made it a point to attend the preview. As tasty crackers and cheese were passed around, the guests caught up with each other, and spoke about their interest in photography.

Said Ramya, an artiste, “There is a sadness coming through the pictures, but in a nice way. It’s not sad in a negative way, it’s melancholic.” Holding a copy of Edge of Faith in hand, she said, “Prabuddha is one of my favourite photographers.” 

Veteran actor, playwright and director Girish Karnad was also in love with the photographs on display. “They are beautiful. They look so simple but there is so much of craftsmanship in them. There is a sense of detail in every photograph,” he opined. Girish was also pleased to note that all pictures were black and white. “The beauty of black and white has been lost in the recent times.”

Said Vivek, a young photographer, “The pictures speak for themselves and there is a mystery about each picture that really takes you away.” While Mini Naidu, another artist loved all the photographs on display. “Some of them are extremely beautiful,” she said. “I love the one, which consists of two young boys, lost in thought.” The exhibition is on till January 2 at 26/1, Sua House, Kasturba Road Cross (Near the British Library).