Strokes that matter

Strokes that matter

Strokes that matter

Each artist has a unique stroke which defines their style and for Chandran K, his individuality lies in taking art to a medium of creating awareness, apart from depicting reality on canvas.

The three-day exhibition, which was held at Rangoli Metro Art Centre, saw Chandran’s fine paintings, which was based on ‘Tigers’.

This was a message to highlight the importance of conserving an animal that is on the brink of extinction.

The artist brought to life the different facets of the tiger and the exhibition attracted a curious crowd who were thrilled to see his paintings.

Awareness on tigers has been on the rise and different approaches for their conservation have been carried out.

“These creations are oil on canvas and it took me about 20 days to finish them. I have about seven paintings here and decided to pursue my first themed painting on tigers as July 29 is celebrated as the ‘World Tiger Day’.

The main aim was to tell viewers about the importance of this majestic animal and their right to live. I also want to spread the message that we should see tigers alive.”  The viewers loved the collection as each onlooker stopped to admire and derive his own meaning from each of the seven works. 

Kavery, a visitor and a degree student at Bishop Cotton Women’s College, adds, “The clear message that I got when I looked at the paintings is the call for the protection of tigers. They are very important to us and it is our right to protect them. The artist has brought out a strong message and the seven are a collection of stories on canvas.” 

Mark Julian, another visitor and a student at St Joseph’s Indian High School adds, “These paintings truly bring out the importance of conservation.”