BBMP proposes an alternative for TDR

BBMP proposes an alternative for TDR

Neighbours could purchase unacquired portion of land

BBMP proposes an alternative for TDR

Advisor to Chief Minister (Urban Affairs) Dr A Ravindra addressing a meeting at BMRCL office in Bangalore on Monday. Urban Research Development officer Dr Ashwin Mahesh Kumar is also seen. DH PhotoThe Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) and the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) have come out with a solution, wherein your neighbours could purchase the unacquired portion of your land at a higher rate.

Presenting a paper here at BMRCL office, on Monday, BDA Town Planning member, SS Topagi, said the authorities were of the opinion that properties torn down during road widening projects could be joined with those that have been left untouched adjoining the same property.

“The idea is to provide an equitable opportunity to all those who have lost their land during the road widening drive and at the same time to ensure that others do not reap the benefit without contributing to it,” said Ashwin Mahesh, member of Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure Development (ABIDe).

Under the new scheme, land that has been “acquired” will be now “re-developed” by giving an opportunity to those living in the adjoining structures to merge with them and provide equal distribution of land or take the Transfer of Development Rights(TDR).

Betterment fee

If both these are not acceptable to the people, then they will have to shell out the “betterment fee” that will be levied on them.

The reasoning behind the levying of this fee is that people will be reaping the benefits of wider roads and higher property values, so they should pay for services.

The proposal will be brought under the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act (KTCP) which has a clause to introduce schemes for the development of the City without tweaking any Act for the purpose.

“However, the schemes will differ for densely populated areas to newer areas,” reminded Advisor to the Chief Minister (Urban Affairs) A Ravindra.

The idea, still being in the primary stage, talks about developing roads in a hierarchical manner from the Peripheral Roads to the service roads leading to the residences in the City.

The BDA proposes to use this scheme for the new developing areas on the outskirts for a organised planning of the City.

“We will also include the benefits of water, sewerage, electricity and other services before laying of these roads in new areas,” said Topagi.

In the future layouts, Bangalore Development Authority may also structure oddly shaped sites into one major portion of the land to be distributed among the allottees.