Bumper price for Arabica coffee beans in market

Bumper price for Arabica coffee beans in market

Fall in coffee production in Brazil, Columbia

Bumper price for Arabica coffee beans in market

A partial view of ripe coffee beans in Kodagu. dh photo

The production of coffee in Brazil and Columbia have decreased. As a result, there is a great demand for Indian coffee. Coffee companies have started purchasing Arabica coffee in advance from the growers.

At present, Arabica parchment coffee bag costs Rs 6,800 to Rs 7,000. One kg coffee fetches Rs 175. Last year, the price of coffee was Rs 4,500. There is also good price for Arabica cherry coffee. Last year, it was Rs 2,000. This year, it has been increased to Rs 3,100.

The price of Robasta coffee is same as last year. Robasta coffee fetches Rs 2000 per bag. However, Robasta coffee will enter the market within one or two months, said coffee planter P K Devaiah.

Though there is a steep rise in the price of coffee in the international market, owing to heavy rains and untimely rains, coffee harvest has been damaged in the district.

“On the one hand we lost coffee harvest due to heavy rains. On the other, owing to untimely rain, coffee beans have started falling in the month of November. Inspite of bumper price, we can not enjoy it,” said a grower.

Low production

According to an estimate, 130 million coffee bags will be produced in the world in 2009-10. However, owing to heavy rains, untimely rains and borer disease, the production will be 127.5 million, said Coffee Board Deputy Director N Rangaswamy Reddy.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, he said “in India, based on pre monsoon shower, we had estimated that coffee production would be 306,400 metric tonne. However, according an estimate, after the rainfall, the production will be 290,000 metric tonne. Overall, there is reduction of 16,400 metric tonne coffee production in the country. In the state, the coffee production will be 206,100 metric tonne.”

Less production in Kodagu

Kodagu was forerunner in the production of coffee. However, there is 5.40 per cent reduction in coffee production, said Coffee Board.

Looking at pre monsoon shower, coffee board has estimated that 117,975 metric tonne coffee will be produced in Kodagu.

However, after the monsoon, the estimated production is only 111,600 metric tonne. Compared to last year, Arabica production has been reduced by 1,300 metric tonne while, Robasta by 5,075 metric tonne.

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