Now, harvest power on your terrace and earn money

Now, harvest power on your terrace and earn money

The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company’s (Bescom) proposal to procure power from microgenerators, including individual households in the City through the installation of solar panels on rooftops will soon be a reality.

In the next two weeks, Bescom will invite applications from individual households for the setting up of solar roof top power generation (SRTPG) units, believed to revolutionise the non-conventional energy sector. SRTPG units can set up on empty terraces and households. Harvesting solar power can be a lucrative source of income for households. 

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Managing Director, Bescom, said, “We will enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with individual generators once they submit their applications. The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission has already fixed a tariff of Rs 9.56 per unit for the power generators without subsidy and Rs 7.20 per unit for generators with subsidy.”

The Bescom plans to ensure highest number of SRTPG units in the City. Pandey said that Bescom leads the country in installation of solar water heaters. “We are working out on a hassle-free model for the investors ,” he added, claiming that there has been “overwhelming response” from people to contribute to Bescom grid. Meanwhile, Bescom has conducted a series of workshops to decide on the format in which the applications have to be filed.

Issues relating to feasibility and other technical aspects were also discussed at the meeting. The recent workshop, which was held on October 10, focussed on training assistant executive engineers on aspects of implementation.

“Engineers were taught to receive and scrutinise applications, conduct inspections and examine safety aspects. They were trained to seek approval from the Electrical Inspectorate and how to prevent a possible hazard and alert concerned authorities," informed Pandey.