Do not transport firecrackers, officials tell vehicle owners

Do not transport firecrackers, officials tell vehicle owners

The officials of Transport Department have warned the vehicle owners against transportation of firecrackers. Passenger vehicles like buses and autos can not transport firecrackers of any kind. Goods vehicles have to take prior permission for the transportation of firecrackers.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Regional Transport Officer (RTO) Afzal Ahmed Khan said that if any passenger vehicles found transporting firecrackers, then severe action will initiated against the owners. They will be liable to penal action. On the basis of permit violation, their license will be suspended and charge sheet will be filed against them.

The RTO said that the officials are checking vehicles round the clock near NMPT as per the direction of  Transport Commissioner Ramegowda. Though illegal transportation of fireworks is not a big problem in Mangalore, officials are  on alert and not ready to take any risk, he said.

‘Awareness needed’

Assistant RTO G S Hegde said that people should not carry firecrackers in passenger vehicles. Even while transporting fireworks in goods vehicles, one should be extra careful.

The firecrackers should be placed in a closed container and the vehicles must clearly mention the name of the product and its nature outside the vehicle. “Bursting of crackers on roads may prove hazardous to the vehicles and people of locality if there was any leakage of petrol or diesel from vehicles.  Along with the enforcement of law, awareness is need of the hour,” he said.

‘No need of stickers’

Canara Bus Operators’ Association President K Rajavarma Ballal said that there was no need to paste a sticker on the buses urging people not to carry firecrackers. Majority of the passengers buy crackers from nearby shops.  The chances of transporting crackers from Mangalore to other places is less. There are chances of getting fireworks from Bangalore to Mangalore. But the police are conducting special raids in Bangalore, he said.