Reaching a milestone

Reaching a milestone

Quiet birthday

Raveena Tandon, who has turned 40, says there is still so much more that she has on her to-do list in life.

 Raveena, who turned a year older recently, feels 40 is just a number, “and a very attractive one at that”.“I don’t know if life begins at 40. But I definitely feel I have many many things to do. And they are all happening in a bunch,” she said.

Raveena spent her birthday playing cards, but there was no partying. While the card-playing went on in her house since Diwali, the birthday bash didn’t happen because of a death in the family.

“So we just brought in my birthday with a quiet family dinner with my husband and children and very close friends. The taash (cards) party that was on since Diwali continued through my birthday. In fact, extra tables had to be added since many more of our friends wanted to join in. There will be many birthdays to celebrate, I hope,” she said.

Raveena set a record in recording television software when she shot 13 episodes of her talk show Simply Baatein With Raveena in five days. She is still in a daze.“I don’t know how I did it! I was out of the country. I came back for a schedule of Onir’s film. I pushed it forward by a few days and shot all 13 episodes of my talk show in just five days. It was madness. Friends who have done television, say they have never heard of such a thing. But for me, it has always been that way.”

“Whatever I have done, I have done on the spur of the moment.” Raveena feels she has the best life she could hope for. “I have the perfect husband (Anil Thadani) and two absolutely gorgeous children. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than my husband Anil. He’s supportive, but not blindly so,” Raveena told PTI.

“He has his own point of view on everything and doesn’t mind expressing it. He is from the film industry and knows what I am all about. He isn’t very demonstrative whereas I like to make my feelings crystal clear. With Anil, I feel I’ve come home. I feel I can put my feet up and relax while he will take care of everything,” she said.

Ask her about the best films of her career and she says, “Shool, Aks and Satta. My husband Anil has seen my films. But we have never discussed my performances. He did mention once that I was very good in Satta.”

She considers Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast and 'ip Tip Barsa Pani. I still have boys coming up to tell me that Tip Tip was the song that helped them go from adolescence to maturity. Though I don’t want to probe into what they mean, I take it as a compliment.”

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