Reasons to be happy

Reasons to be happy

Reasons to be happy

together Director Ravi Srivatsa with hero Aditya, scriptwriter and assistant director Sushma and producer Manjunath.

Director Ravi Srivatsa who was last in the news for bringing together all the three sons of Rajkumar for a Pyramid Saimeera venture and whose last film Madesha, starring Shivanna upped the bar of violence, is back.

He is making Deadly Soma-2, the sequel to his Deadly Soma starring Aditya.
Srivatsa has repeated Aditya in the sequel. While Soma was killed in the first film, the sequel takes the story further. “I wanted to work with Aditya again, which is finally happening. Deadly Soma-2 deals with cops and encounters.

We have prepared the screenplay after discussing with cops like B K Shivaram, Nanaiah and Ashok Kumar,” said Srivatsa.

Hero Aditya who now sports a nice beard says, “Deadly Soma-2 is a director’s film with an interesting script. My role has lots of scope.” Aditya had refused other offers to maintain the length of his hair for the film Raktaksha.

Actress Sushma, who is assisting Srivatsa in this film, has also written the script. She feels that Deadly Soma-2 will take Kannada cinema to a different level altogether. “It is a tight script and has a message for the society,” she felt.

Producer Manjunath, who is otherwise addicted to cinema, was beaming. And with good reason too. The man who produced Deadly Soma in 2005 had incurred losses then, unable to get a good theatre for his film then. He  had to work under distributor N Kumar for sometime. He is now proud that he can afford to get a theatre and make another film with an active director!