Women in car harassed, caught on camera

Women in car harassed, caught on camera

Women in car harassed, caught on camera

In a nightmarish experience caught on camera, five women sitting in a car were stalked and harassed by unidentified men in the heart of the city with their screams for help going unnoticed.

The incident happened on Saturday around 11:30 PM when the women on a weekend outing stopped their car near an ice cream parlour on M.G. Road and found to their shock unidentified men trying to open the doors of their vehicle.

As they were seated inside waiting for their driver who had gone to pick up ice cream for them, the men stared at them, stood around the vehicle and tried to open the doors, according to the complaint lodged by one of the victims.

Police said according to the complaint, first, three men were seen staring at them and they were later joined by two others who tried to open the car door.

They even tried to open the door with an object on getting to know that the door was locked, the complaint said.

As the women started raising alarm by repeatedly screaming for help and honking, the men fled from the spot, police said.

The women even managed to take video of the men, which they have submitted to the police. The grainy video shows the men standing around and the women crying for help persistently.

DCP(Central) Sandeep Patil said their husbands were in a different car near the place where the incident happened. City police are on the lookout for culprits.

"....certain sections have been invoked like stalking, criminal intimidation and outraging the modesty of the women. Let the investigation take place. Let us detect the case. Let us nab the culprits," City Police Commissioner M N Reddi told reporters here.