Blast mars Bengaluru's New Year blast

Blast mars Bengaluru's New Year blast

Blast mars Bengaluru's New Year blast

MG Road and Church street, the City’s preferred spots for New Year revelry, wore a dull look on Wednesday, with heightened security following Sunday’s low-intensity blast.

The explosion appears to have taken the sheen off the celebrations on the busy MG Road, which used to see the largest congregation of revellers all these years. The number of people who welcomed 2015 on the busy road was less than what was witnessed on a normal day.

Church Street, where the crude bomb exploded, was filled with policemen who questioned anyone who seemed suspicious.

Traffic restrictions made it hard to find a parking place.

The entire stretch from Brigade junction to Anil Kumble circle was free of vehicles.
Restaurants on the roads were empty, which was unusual considering the occasion. “During New Year’s Eve, people come only after 10 pm. This year, it is not just customers, even streets are not crowded,” said a staff at Coffee Day.

Coconut Grove, in front of which the bomb exploded, had few guests. “This is in fact the dullest New Year’s Eve, but today is better compared to Tuesday,” said Aravind, the manager.

The usual lightingdecorations to celebrate New Year on the streets and business establishments were limited to very few shops. Interestingly, many restaurants and business establishments, which usually opened beyond 10 pm, were closed early.

However, as midnight neared, people from all corners came together at the City’s party hub.

Likith Naik who works for Bombay Intelligence Security, said, “I decided to be here so that we should not yield to such threats by terror outfits.”

Some revellers felt the security was too much. “I have half a mind to go home. The restrictions here are too much,” said Raghavendra, an engineer.

Arun Mathais, another engineer and a resident of K R Puram who had come with his fiancee Sheryl, was hesitant to enter the security zone at the Brigade road saying that he is scared to join the crowd.

At the stroke of midnight, however, revellers overcame all the fears and inhibitions and erupted in joy. But it was shortlived as the police started driving away the crowd in the next 15 minutes. Metal detectors were installed at the entrance of the Brigade Road and Anil Kumble circle.

Drone draws crowd

The much-touted drone vigilance was the centre of attraction. It became the cynosure of all the eyes as curious people took pictures of the UAV.

However, people flocked around a drone which seemed to have collapsed mid operation. A police officer later clarified that the UAV lands with force and that should not be mistaken as a lapse.

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