Vibrant hues of art and rhythm

Vibrant hues of art and rhythm

Colours 'n' Rhythm has an array of artwork by artists from different states

A vibrant and eclectic group show of paintings by some of India’s leading artists along with art work by promising young artists is adding verve to the grey winter chill in the city.

Different abstract and conceptual paintings and art work by various recognised senior artists and young talents from far corners of the country have come together to display their exquisite work at the Gallery Five Art.

Acrylic paint and beautiful oil paintings of 13 different artists have been displayed at the exhibition Colours ‘n’ Rhythm. The artists have put up their work in diverse mediums, painting and pattern techniques which makes the event one of its kind.

Renowned artists like Narain Das Barodia, Arpita Singh and Ashok Bhowmick are some of the participants.

Water colour and delicate ink art by Jai Zharotia, oil canvas paintings by Anjaneyulu Gundu, acrylic canvas paintings of goddess Sita, and paintings titled Hues of Horizon by Madhuri Badhuri can be seen at the gallery.

The theme Colour ‘n’ Rhythm draws its inspiration from the vivacious and cheerful colourful character of all the paintings that have been put together for the exhibition. People who admire abstract art and paintings can find beautiful paintings according to their interests.

Beautiful creations like that of goddess Durga in her infuriated embodiment, killing the evil Mahishasura, by Narain Das Barodia and paintings depicting a peaceful devotee engaged in worshiping the Supreme Being can also be seen at the exhibition.

An attractive piece of art by Ashok Bhowmick features intricate ‘cross-hatching’ technique along with oil paint as its base.

Ashok Bhowmick's work is figurative, and what puts it apart from the works of other contemporary artists is his manipulation in the rendering of images, which makes living objects appear frozen, and energises inactive, lifeless elements.

Signature art works by Sohan Qadri, a veteran painter of India are also on display. His paintings result from states of deep meditation, and are informed by the colours of India: Luminous, dye-infused works on meticulously serrated paper.
The exhibition is on till 26 January, 11 am-7 pm.