Standing out in the crowd

Standing out in the crowd

CBSE toppers

Standing out in the crowd

Although the CBSE class 12 results came out a little later than the scheduled date, for the toppers, it was worth the wait. On one hand, there were those who had done well but did not expect such high scores, on the other, some were confident of making a mark. As they stand on the threshold of a bright future, they unravel their secrets of success. Systematic learning along with the support of the parents and respective schools helped them reach their goals.

Ashwin Ramesh
CMR National Public School 

Ashwin Ramesh attributes his success to non-stop preparation, especially in class 12. “There was slight pressure in the beginning but when I started enjoying the rigorous pace, it smoothened out. The idea is to be consistant in your preparation,” says Ashwin. He recollects that he would get up at 3 am. “It might seem like an unearthly hour but I could study the best at that time. I’ve always tried to be committed and focussed on my goal,” he says.

  As for the future, he says, “I want to be an astronaut. Not many people get a chance to go to space and I want to work towards that. I want to do something unique.” His mother Susithra, an employee with Accenture, is extremely delighted with her son’s success. “He has always worked with a schedule and all by himself. He has been a topper throughout and this result was expected,” she says.  

 Prajapati Kamalben Bharatbhai
  Kensri School 
Prajapati Kamalben Bharatbhai chose Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology (PCMB) because she enjoyed studying these subjects. “In addition to the regular class work, I also made it a point to do extra reading on the subjects. I have been sticking to a regular time-table since class XI and this habit continued into class XII as well. So I didn’t feel the pressure and simply sailed through my exams,” she says.

She hopes to pursue medicine and has already written the Common Entrance Test (CET). She wants to specialise in cardiac surgery. “I have always had an inclination towards cardiology. The lifeskill programmes at school helped me understand cardiology better,” she adds. Her parents have been extremely supportive of whatever she wanted to do.

 Her father, Prajapati Bharatbhai Manilal, says, “We want our daughter to study as much as she wants. She has always prepared on her own and we have never interfered in her work. We have given her the space to think and work at her pace.”

Samvida Sudheesh Venkatesh
National Public School, Indiranagar
In spite of being a Science topper, Samvida was always inclinedtowards literature.“People always wondered why I liked English literature but I loved reading and this habit carried on into  my academics as well. I would spend a lot of time reading in addition to what was there in the textbook. This helped me score well,” she adds.

Samvida is all set to pursue Liberal Studies in Princeton University. “I want to pursue a career as a biologist and hope to become a scientist one day,” she says. Veena, her mother pitches in saying, “She has been studying since the beginning and didn’t leave anything for the last minute. She took coaching at Akash Coaching Centre for her competitive exams and this helped.”

About wanting to go abroad, Veena says, “The reason that she wanted to go abroad is because she could pursue a combination of her choice. We are very proud of her and wish to see her happy in the future.”

Anna Menezes
HAL Public School
Anna Menezes, hard working and ambitious, is happy that her efforts paid off this year. Her subjects included Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. She says, “This year was very difficult. I stayed up late in the night to study. I attended coaching classes this year and had to compromise on my extra-curricular activities like playing the violin and piano. I am planning to study medicine at St John’s Medical College. I like kids and one day hope to help poor children who cannot get medical facilities. I have written a lot of competitive exams and I am very nervous about my results.” A proud mother, Lora Goveas, adds, “My daughter is a very hard-working girl. We supported her throughout the year. The credit goes to her for working so hard. She wishes to pursue medicine and we are ready to help her achieve her dreams.”

S Rahul Srihari
Kendriya Vidyalaya MEG & Center
Rahul Srihari is content that his hard work has finally paid off.“I worked very hard and
didn’t rest until I was thorough in every subject. There was a lot of pressure from all sides but it has done a lot of good for me. I was expecting 100 per cent but got only 96, so I was a bit disappointed. As for the future, I have written IIT JEE advanced examination and hope to clear it with flying colours. I want to specialise in Aeronautics.”
His mother Kavitha Suresh, a housewife, says that she would sit with
him until he reached high school. “He has stood first throughout his school and kept working hard even in higher classes. We are proud of him,” she adds. 

Delhi Public School
Sanaa Alvira from Delhi Public School pursued Psychology, English, Economics, History and Political Science. She says, “The school was very supportive. I referred to a lot of books and worksheets which they prepared me for. I did not take any special coaching for these exams. I have applied to Christ University and want to pursue International Relations. I am planning to apply to Delhi University as well.”

Mohammad Atif, her father, says, “We never pressurised her. We never saw her studying so we are quite surprised when she scored very well. She is quite attentive in class and a very hard-working child. We saw that she ate well and gave her all the timely help that she needed. It is her decision to study International Relations and we will support her in all her endeavours.”    

Ujwal Pasupulety
Delhi Public School
It is his love for the subjects that took Ujwal to great heights. He had taken up Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science. An elated Ujwal says, “The final one month of continuous hard work helped me score well. I concentrated on the particular course thoroughly as I wasn’t much involved in other activities. The process of preparation was easy for me as I found the subjects intriguing and interesting. I loved to dive into these in detail. For me, studying was a fun process.” He has his goals set already. He wants to take up Computer Science engineering. His parents Purandar Pasupulety and Dr Latha are delighted with their son’s results. Latha added, “He was hard working and that’s why he has attained success. He used to attend IIT and Base classes during the morning hours, before school and that gave him a lot of time to study in the evening. I am very happy with his results.”

Kunal Singhania
Delhi Public School
Kunal’s subjects were Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics and English. “I have been working hard since class 11. I concentrated on the weekly tests my school conducted and finished my portions because of the revision tests. I was a bit worried after the Mathematics exam but quite elated when I saw my result. I am off to Kolkata for my sister’s wedding and hope to have good break now.”

His father, Jyoti Singhania, added to what his son had to say. “My son was very focussed and studious from the beginning of class 11. We never had to push him too much. We also advised him not to work very hard. He was expecting a higher result.”

About his future plans, he says that he is applying to Bristol University, UK and wishes to pursue BSc Economics and Finance. He has also applied to St Stephen’s College Delhi so as to keep his options open.”

Kendriya Vidyalaya MEG & Center
An overjoyed and elated Ramya owes her success to her family and school. “My subjects included Accountancy, Business Studies, Informatics, Economics and English. Securing high marks is just a matter of being regular in studies. My school supported me a lot and helped all of us with academics after school. I did not attend any coaching centre. The point of studying in KV was to balance examinations and co-curriculars. Even this year, I was an active participant in literary events. I am planning to take up CA and CS and will apply to colleges like Christ University and St Joseph’s College.”

Srilakshmi, her mother, says, “My daughter is very intelligent and hard-working. She did not take any tuitions and was very focussed with her work from the beginning of the year.