Picking plants personality-wise

Picking plants personality-wise

Picking plants personality-wise

The kind of green space one maintains speaks volumes about their personality. On this World Environment Day, Radha Prathi enumerates some interesting plant grower facts to help identify which category you belong to

Once upon a time, people would say, show me your friend and I will tell who you are. These days, one can find experts zeroing in on personality types based on the choice of colours, clothes, fruits, vegetables, animals, birds et al. The assessment of your personality on these grounds cannot be entirely discounted because knowledge of human behaviour and relevant logic form the cornerstones of such evaluation.

If you are game, you can identify your personality type based on the kind of flora that you raise in your home. You may or may not have a green thumb or have a first-hand experience of working in your garden; nevertheless, the status of your verdant area will certainly reflect the kind of person you are. You need not worry if you do not happen to have a garden; even a single plant or the lack of one can speak volumes about your personality.

Level-headed ones

If your garden has a mix of trees, shrubs, creepers, plants and a lawn, which may or may not be useful to you domestically or economically, you are definitely the kind of person who gets along with most people. You accept people for what they are; you are not judgmental and seldom rub people the wrong way. Your accommodative nature wins you many friends along the line of life who will not hesitate to help you, if and when necessary.

Pragmatic folks

If your garden houses greenery that bears fruits and flowers of your choice, it bears testimony to the fact that you are a very practical person with a keen economic sense. You are the sort who will not hesitate to generously invest your time, effort and money on people who you think are valuable. 

You will go to any extent to protect the interests and well being of your relatives and friends. You are thrifty by nature. Sometimes people believe that you are self-centred, but you know that it is not entirely true. You have it ingrained in you to stand up for what is right when the occasion arises.

Hard-working herd

If you happen to tend a flower garden, it is not difficult to see that you appreciate beauty. Your aesthetic juices seem to secrete voluminously triggering you to work harder to achieve your aim. You are calm and quiet by nature and you believe that your work will speak for itself. You are very hard-working. You have intimate knowledge of the subject that interests you the most. 

You are not the sort who fishes for compliments because you know that they will be heaped on you when the season is right. You seldom rest on your laurels and believe in moving ahead in life.

The leaders

If you happen to grow a garden with ornamental and rare species of plants, you can call yourself a connoisseur of sorts in the green arena. It indicates that the travel bug has bitten you. You are probably the recipient of exotic gifts by the sheer power of your compelling personality. 

Your general knowledge of botany and horticulture quotient happens to be at the higher end of the scale. Moreover, your opinions, ideas and advice are generally sought after by those who hope to follow you.

Compassionate crowd

If a herbal garden happens to be your core area of interest, then you can be rest assured that you have deep and abiding faith in the healing powers of Mother Nature. You are likely to be a sharing and caring person. You are well-read on the subject or at least in the know of teasing out the well-kept secrets of these magical plants.

You enjoy conversations with like-minded people. You do not hesitate to share your knowledge or acquire lessknown facts on the subject. In other words, you have a medical doctor’s mind dormant in your personality.

Meticulous managers

If your garden has been designed by a qualified horticulturist and maintained by a professional gardener, it speaks of your meticulous nature. If you happen to have a Bonsai garden or carefully designed landscapes, you can be bracketed into the same category. You are the sort who acknowledges that you may not know everything, but that will certainly not stop you from delegating work to carefully identified experts in the field. 

You do not mind going that extra mile to achieve your end, albeit with hired help. You have the ability to develop interest in subjects hitherto unknown to you.

You yearn to learn and benefit from every interaction you have with the people around you in the hope of becoming victorious in all your endeavours.

Determined doers

If terrace gardening or vertical gardening is your forte, or if your garden boasts of a collection of potted plants, be sure that you are the enterprising sort. Just like how lack of space at home has not deterred you from not having a garden, nothing can prove to be an obstacle in the journey to your destination.

You interact with all sorts of people without worrying about the social ladder. You are enthusiastic, hardworking and an optimist to the core. You know how to cut costs and optimise on your resources. Your contented attitude is often mistaken for complacence, yet there are times when you emerge as the dark horse in the race of life. 

Open-minded owners

If you are the proud owner of a collection of plants belonging to a certain family like cactus or succulents or roses or beans or for that matter different types of plants, which belong to the same variety, it shows that you are a person who believes in the power of specialisation.

Though your interaction is agreeable with most people around you, you tend to interact better with people whose thinking matches with yours. You are always open to learning and experimenting with new ideas, which can give you a deeper insight into your pet subject. You do not mind ploughing in effort to better your abilities and you hope to achieve a spectacular success on the strength of your sincere struggle.

Pally people

If you have a mini green patch, which is a hotchpotch of plants grown in recycled containers placed in odd places that have enough sunshine to nourish your vegetation, be rest assured that your heart is in the right place. You are the perfect idealist who has been born with the principles. You are very amiable and innovative by nature.

This trait will ensure that you will always have a circle of well- wishers. Disagreeable circumstances or economic repression cannot subdue your spirits. Your positive attitude towards life will take you places one fine day.

So this World Environment Day, even if you don’t fancy going green, there’s every reason to pick a plant that suits your personality type. And have some fun!

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