'Democracy is the biggest loser'

'Democracy is the biggest loser'

Former mayors disappointed over delay in BBMP poll

Reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision on the reservation of wards, former Mayor P R Ramesh said, “the ball is now in the Government’s court. Whether they go back to the High Court asking for more time or conduct the elections as per schedule, we will have to wait and watch.”

He believed that the SC judgement had in fact brought the State government’s role in trying to postpone the elections into light.

Stumbling blocks

“The ruling party has tried to create stumbling blocks wherever and whenever possible. I am sure this too was a strategy by the government to ensure that the elections are not held on schedule,” said Ramesh.

Echoing a similar view point on the State government’s next move, former mayor Ramchandrappa said if the ruling party approaches the High Court for more time to “re-do” the reservation of wards list, they will cry foul. “We had agreed amicably with the Government over the reservation of wards. But due to the SC intervention it was put on hold. Now if the government goes to the HC asking for more time, we will also approach the Court stating that the ruling party is indulging in foul play,” he said.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, noted gynaecologist, Dr Meenakshi Bharath who is also aspiring to represent Malleswaram ward, hoped the matter is resolved quickly and elections are held as scheduled.  “The entire City was gearing up for the elections. It comes as a dampener,” she said. She hoped that the government does not sit on the matter and politicise the issue.

Meanwhile, N Mukund, member of the Citizens Action Forum (CAF) had a different take on the matter. “We at the CAF believe that the government may use this window of opportunity for passing the Sakrama Bill for the entire State by calling a session. It will give them an opportunity to ensure that they have the advantage before the elections,” he opined.