Mob on rampage after road accident

Mob on rampage after road accident

Two teenagers riding a scooter were hit by a bus and injured near Inderlok Metro station on Tuesday, triggering stone-pelting by a mob which damaged eight buses.

The driver was arrested after the boys, Mohammed Abid and Mauzzam, were knocked down by the bus.  “A cluster bus number DLIPC 4428 travelling between Karampura and Harsh Vihar collided with a scooty at 7.15 am near Inderlok Metro station,” said a police officer.

As the news of accident spread, a group of 50 or 60 people, including neighbours and family members, started to assemble on the road, shouting angry slogans. Police detained three people who created a ruckus.

As the mob frenzy intensified – helped by false rumours that one of the two victims had died – people started hurling stones and bricks at moving buses, said police.
“Eight buses have been damaged. We sent a police team to control the mob, which itself came under attack. We have arrested the driver of the bus which hit the scooty. The situation is under control now,’’ said a police officer.

The attack was so severe that bus drivers had to duck under the seats to save themselves from the stones. No passenger was reported hurt.

“Around 8.10 am, I was driving my bus number DLIPC 7290 when I witnessed a rain of stones hitting my bus near Inderlok Metro station. Passengers were scared, and I was saved only because of the thickness of the windshield. Eight buses, including five non-ACs, one AC, and two cluster ones have been damaged today,’’ said Rampal, a DTC bus driver.
The two teenagers were rushed to Bara Hindu Rao Hospital in critical condition after the accident.

Police said they were investigating if either the bus or the two-wheeler had jumped the red light when it met with the accident. They said they were also checking if the scooterists   were wearing helmets.

A case of rash driving, endangering life or personal safety of others was registered.