A concoction of good taste

A concoction of good taste

A concoction of good taste
The 11th edition of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2015 arrived in Bengaluru, in its second stop, over the weekend. The event was a motley of fashion, music, design and technology and a concoction of good taste.

On day one, decoding his creative journey and story of style, critically acclaimed filmmaker Anurag Kashyap narrated fine experiences which have stayed with him and influenced him to evolve as a filmmaker. Designers Abraham & Thakore and Neeta Lulla displayed design stories with  detailing and rich legacy, handcrafted to perfection.

Abraham & Thakore’s collection was inspired by recycling while Neeta Lulla’s collection was about contemporary womanhood. Curating music for the tour, Gaurav Raina strung together the beats to which these design stories were presented. Actress Yami Gautam donned the finale design for Neeta Lulla that showcased elegance with distinguished craftsmanship.

‘Kantha’, the traditional Indian approach to recycling, was deployed to turn cotton and silk fabric remnants into new fabrics. The fabrics and accents of sequins, laces, borders etc were recreated from antique brocades and ribbons; and the colour palette varied from white and ivory to charcoal, slate, coffee, coconut and plum, grape etc.

Designer Neeta Lulla said, “As Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2015 delves deeper into the elements of style, my collection depicts the tale of contemporary womanhood. It is as unique as a fingerprint to a person; it celebrates individuality, the assertiveness of being you, something which is perfectly handcrafted to suit a certain personality, inspired by the androgynous style of today’s woman. The collection is a philosophy that states ‘U the semi-circle that completes the circle of life’.

On day two, Masaba and ‘Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna’ presented a mix of kitsch modern interpretations with understated chic and sharp silhouettes and well-defined cuts. Actress Jacqueline Fernandes donned the finale design for Masaba as the showstopper for the day.

About their collection ‘An Early Frost’, designers Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna said, “Our inspiration is the forbidding winters where extreme temperature makes life’s existence more edgy and fragile. There, the deep forests and intruding animal skins bring back the spectacular beauty of life. The platform empowers the design story which lies at the core of the collection, so it resonates with the audience as good taste.”

The collection displays the colours of the cold forest. Mist, ash, grey and dark oak find a place. Prints and textures have been inspired from the fur textures and infused with signature linear patterns in monotones; scaling and hand crafted appliqué has been inspired from the intriguing animal skin.

Cold metallics can be seen in the collection by the use of riveting techniques. The silhouettes have a lot of layering and exaggerated sleeves. The capes, the high-waist skirts, embossed dresses and laser mesh jackets are the key signatures of this collection. Ash-wash silk fabrics add the raw opulence to the collection.

 Designer Masaba said, “I’m truly elated to showcase my collection which is an experiment with an off-beat colour palette, marrying jest and ingenuity. It is an attempt to enrapture the fashion industry and leave the onlookers spell bound.”

With flamboyant silhouettes magnifying fun prints, the collection envisages a strong play of colour and cut that’s modern and chic yet traditionally rooted. Enhancing everyday mundane objects through elaborate detailing, her signature prints and designs are fiercely bold.

Adding to this unique interpretation of stories curated by Masaba and Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna through their bold and chic designs, Karsh Kale, who is known for mixing disparate genres of music, collaborated with Apeksha Dandekar to bring alive the vivacious designs on the stage. Karsh and Apeksha presented Western uptempo music blended with hints of ‘func’ and ‘pop’ beats.

Actress Jacqueline Fernandes said, “I have carried that unique blend of contrasting influences throughout my life. I am glad to be a part of this as it collaborates the true essence of my journey.” 

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