'DJs are head-to-head with pop artistes'

Sarthak Sardana aka Sartek is the first Asian producer to be signed for Hardwell’s label Revealed Recording.

Collaborating with Lucky Date, the 27-year-old released his album Don’t Need Love that has managed to bag the 11th position on the Beatport top 100 charts. Metrolife spoke to the Delhi boy, who talks about his musical experience, inspiration and future projects.


How was it working with Revealed Recordings?
It is one of the finest labels I’ve worked with. It’s a benchmark label for every producer. The track Don’t Need Love is being played by a lot of artistes in their live shows, including Hardwell himself! This will help my music reach a wider audience and will automatically open up further avenues with industry stalwarts.

Is there any difference
between international dance music scene and that of India?
Music enthusiasts abroad are well versed with the genre and its sub genres, because it has been present there for quite a long time now (Europe, especially). In India, it has started growing. The genre is garnering a steady growth, thereby facilitating a good increase in the number of producers too. So overall, the EDM space in India looks really bright and promising.

Do you think EDM is the new pop?
EDM tracks have constant radio presence so we are definitely head to head with the pop artistes! However, the music will have to attract the older audience in India before it can be equated with pop in totality.

What do you have to say about the increasing number of dance music festivals?
The festival space in India is definitely garnering traction every year. Bigger names, bigger stages and more money! Festivals are extremely important in putting a country among the party destinations. However, festivals invariably reach out to a wide audience; therefore, it is imperative that a benchmark for quality is always maintained.

How did you get into this field?
It was in 2007 when I was at a bar and saw a flyer for a Ferry Corsten show. I had no clue about the craft or what trance music was and eventually decided to go for it. His music at the show gave me a sense of euphoria. Ever since, I can’t think of anything that gives me greater joy!

Who/what inspires you?
My biggest inspiration has been none other than Arm
in Van Buuren. I was an avid listener of A State of Trance but in recent times I am in
awe with Hardwell’s style of performing and Tom
Swoon’s amazing melodic productions.  

If you would have not been a DJ, what would you have been?
A stockbroker.

Will we see you mixing with Hardwell someday?
Who knows!? Dreams do come true!

What are your next projects?
I have a few releases lined up on Revealed Recordings following which I have one set for February on Armada Recordings as well.

Any plans to mix for Bollywood numbers?
Not yet, but I would love to work with Honey Singh!

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