Turning over a new leaf

Turning over a new leaf

For many youngsters, making new year’s resolutions come as a fun activity to look forward to making new decisions and fulfilling those that one has procrastinated from last year. Many also consider it a healthy competition with friends on what one aims to achieve in the next 365 days.

From concentrating on personal well-being to reading classics, youngsters in the City share their plans for 2016.

the classic Route
Rinki, a final-year BCom student of Jyoti Nivas College, says, “Of the many goals for the new year, my resolutions will include activities for personal development. Despite my college work and a busy schedule, I am hoping to watch and re-watch a lot of good movies — from ‘Gone With The Wind’ to ‘Notting Hill’ — and do a lot of quality reading. This, I feel, will not only broaden my thought process, but also help me see things in a different perspective.”


Spread the smile
Aldina Sheeba, a second-year Travel and Tourism student from St Joseph’s College of Commerce, says, “In today’s fast-paced life where most people have no time to keep track of near and dear ones, I’m hoping to ‘spread the smile’ each day. My resolution for the year will be to do or say something, from a compliment to a good deed for the day, which will make the beautiful curve on anyone’s face clearer.”


Clear the clutter
Priyanka Singh, a final-year student of East Point College of Engineering & Technology, says, “I am hoping to be more organised and clutter-free in 2016. I also intend to encourage friends to do the same. A room with a personal corner for one to read or study in-depth, beautiful music to relax and everything at a hand’s reach, exactly where I want it, is what I’m aiming for. I also intend to keep my surroundings clean, which will help spread the message of ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.”

Just another day
Sandeep, a final-year BBM student of The Oxford College of Business Management, says, “While the New Year marks new beginnings and new things to look
up to, I’m not a person who makes or follows resolutions. Any year that I’ve tried them, I have failed. I strongly believe that one doesn’t need to wait for a
particular day to decide or do anything. If you want something, go for it,
right then!”

Respect the fairer sex
Tilak,  a second-year BCom student of The Oxford College of Business Management, says, “I have many friends from the fairer sex and I strongly believe that they are equal to men. Even in today’s times, where we have grown manifold in terms of technology and trends, women are often pushed aside. They are discouraged and ill-treated. My male friends and I have decided to do our fair share to help
advocate this cause. This starts from respecting the women in one’s own life.”

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