Rohith suicide: Poojary seeks expulsion of Bandaru, Smriti

Rohith suicide: Poojary seeks expulsion of Bandaru, Smriti

Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary said the increasing practice of untouchability and intolerance is posing a major threat to the country’s secularist and democratic stance.

Speaking to media persons, he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP government is silently watching the unfolding of drama in which the Dalits and lower caste people are subjugated and are harassed to end their lives.

The world is watching the recent development. The very existence of humanity is being questioned in India. Political leaders are all silent and are supporting the heinous crime. The constitution has also upheld equality. But the increasing crimes are disheartening and the suicide of research scholar Rohith Vemula is a recent instance, he charged.

‘Expel ministers’

Demanding the immediate expulsion of Union Ministers Bandaru Dattatreya and Smriti Irani, he said they were responsible for the death of Vemula. Dattatreya should be dropped immediately and  criminal case should be filed against him for provocation. Student organisation ABVP should be banned from taking law into their own hands, he demanded.

Poojary criticised that the law protectors and the people, who lead the country, are the destroying the constitution. “The orthodox mindset has led to destruction. The notion of humanity is also being destroyed by the so-called leaders of the country. How can one claim Vemula as an anti-national element?” he questioned.

Poojary said the suicide of lecturer Sudesh of Mangaluru who was working in a PU college in Kodagu district also shows how Dalits are under pressure to end their lives, he alleged. Ridiculing the chief minister for not reacting to the death of Sudesh, Poojary said he has no capacity to initiate action outside Bengaluru. “He only speaks, but there is no action,” he remarked.

‘No action taken’

He also criticised Home Minister G Parameshwara for not taking any initiative though Sudesh belonging to the same community. “Dalits are barred from entering temples in nearly six districts in Karnataka.  Women are not allowed to go to temples in many places,” he charged.

Blaming the Ashta mutt seers in Udupi for being too political, Poojary said they  are equally capable like any other politicians. He alleged the politicians in the State including former two chief ministers are into destruction of River Nethravathi. He questioned the relevance of Yettinahole project. “Many rivers can be used for water purposes. But why only Nethravathi?” he asked.