All out of love

Double bonanza

All out of love

They believe that the music they produce should reach and touch the audience rather than them marketing their identity. They believe in making the music that they want to do and not succumb to the social norms. So the duo, Rajiv Dey and Arjun Ned, formed ‘RushLed’ in 2013. Arjun is often considered as ‘the head, heart’ and guitar player and Rajiv the ‘left pinky finger’ of the band.

They met when they were working in the same office. Their mutual interest to music brought them together that even after moving to different offices, they decided to move in together so that they could find time for their music. Rajiv says, “I’m the one who writes the lyrics and makes the song. Arjun comes in to produce the music, work his magic with the computer and that becomes our sound. We’re not a regular band that music that one wants to hear — they are mostly love songs. It’s hard to explain why we do it and how we do it, but we both know our sound and that’s what moves our audiences.”

Last year, they released five EP songs with the album titled ‘In Love and Out of Time’. “When we started making out own music, we never had the intention of playing live. We thought we should stay in our studio, sing whatever we wanted and put it out online for our listeners. But we’ve slowly started to play live and it’s not always easy,” they say. As they are a two-member band, they usually get musicians from elsewhere to complete their time. But they find it difficult to explain their sound to others and be in-sync with them. They explain, “We are known for our straightforward lyrics. We don’t describe the girl to the sun or the moon — we like to keep it simple. So it’s not always easy to find musicians that understand the work we do, and it takes a long time. But we’ve had the same bassist and drummer with us now which is great.”

While it may seem like they are always producing music, they say that there are days when they don’t even want to pick the instruments and play. Rajiv says, “We work on odd times when it comes to our music. I would randomly knock on Arjun’s door and ask him if he wants to work on something and we get together. But there are days when we want a break from it and do something else. I think that’s the beauty of it, we are not obliged to anything because we both understand what we want to do.”

They also say that they have different taste in music and they imbibe their influences into the kind of sound that they produce. As they work on mostly love songs, when asked if they are in love, Rajiv smiles and says, “I’m always in love. Every four minutes I fall in love. And through the music we make, we can say whatever we want to in it and pass on the message.” As the duo are working on other songs for their upcoming album, they are making the rounds in the City by playing live. They recently played at Beer Cafe, Indiranagar and say that they had a great time. When asked where they see themselves few years down the line, they say, “We’re alright if our music reaches the audience slowly. We’ll be happy even if we’ve had a few good runs before our time is up.”

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