Panchayat canvassing hits new low as Ramya-HDK fight turns personal

Panchayat canvassing hits new low as Ramya-HDK fight turns personal

Ex-MP rakes up Radhika, Kumaraswamy asks her about London visit

Panchayat canvassing hits new low as Ramya-HDK fight turns personal
The verbal spat between former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy and former MP and actor Ramya has turned too personal with both hurling a torrent of abuses against each other.

The mild verbal attacks and counter attacks between Ramya and MP C S Puttaraju during the first two days of the campaign for the ZP and TP polls turned serious, with Kumaraswamy reacting to her statements.

Both Ramya and Kumaraswamy began washing dirty linen in the public after the latter targeted Ramya’s entry into the district, claiming that it has led to the rise in farmer suicides.

During his campaign in the district recently, Kumaraswamy had alleged that more than 100 farmers ended their lives after the Congress came to power and Ramya stepped into the district. “Don’t get lured by the colourful speeches made by film stars,” he had told the people.

Reacting to it, Ramya had said, while HDK is a film producer, his wife Radhika and his son are also actors. How can he disrespect artistes?, she asked.

Ramya also told that Kumaraswamy wears a gold watch at home and ordinary watch in public.

Replying to this, Kumaraswamy said, he had not insulted artistes, but had particularly mentioned the name of Ramya.

“Has Ramya come to my home to see me wearing gold watch? Why does Ramya speak about Radhika? It is a personal matter. Let Ramya tell what she was doing in London? She should be careful while speaking about others’ personal lives, he had warned.

Speaking to mediapersons, here, Ramya said, the JD(S) had raised questions about her personal life, when she was actually mourning the death of her father.

“They continued their attack even after my victory. Now, Kumaraswamy’s statements about farmers’ death has hurt me deeply,” she said.

Ramya said, she had been to London to study. “Let Kumaraswamy explain why he frequents Sri Lanka? I have the answers and also know to speak,” she warned.

Ramya said, her life is like an open book and she is not involved in any wrongdoing. “I don’t fear anyone and speak only the truth. I have visited Radhika’s house and know that Kumaraswamy wears gold watch. You own Hummer, Audi and BMW cars, but speak about others’ watches, is it right? she questioned.

JD(S) has support only in Mandya district. Kumaraswamy is targeting me out of fear of losing the hold on the district, she said.