And one for the birds...

And one for the birds...

Birds never miss an opportunity to take a dip in water, especially when the temperatures soar. Why not offer them some at your home, asks Purti Sharma

And one for the birds...

For the past two years, I have been religiously keeping water for birds in the backyard under the shade of a mango tree, just opposite the window of my kitchen. Ever since, my place is a resting and rejuvenating resort for beautiful, tiny birds, which have started to visit in huge numbers. From morning to evening, to hear the warbling of these birds is a delightful experience.

Every morning, I diligently clean the pots and refill them with fresh water. The moment I step out in the morning to refill their pots, the birds start chirping with great gusto. Their chirps sounds like melodious jingling of bells. They immediately start dropping in and around the shallow pools, even before I turn my back after filling the pots.

Daily ritual

Their dipping, sipping, nodding and preening into those earthen pots reveal that how much they cherish water. I had earlier believed that it’s the buffaloes that always love wallowing in the puddles, but birds seem to be even more excited with the mere sight and sound of water. Even if it is a cold winter morning, these birds do not skip their morning ablutions.

The birds first perch themselves onto the mango tree’s branches. Next, they thoroughly inspect the place. Only after this process, do they slither down into the pots, like the dry autumn leaves. It’s a delight to watch them take sips and dips simultaneously, followed by fluttering and floating inside the water.

The birds then fly up straight to the mango tree with such agility that it seems like the dropped leaves have been pulled back, courtesy some gravity inside the tree. Then rebounding from bough to bough, they bask in the morning sunlight that sifts through the mango leaves. It’s quite a sight to watch them flutter their feathers and groom themselves with their beaks!

Exotic guests

Over the months, many exotic and florid birds have started to come over. Even if one were to go to a bird sanctuary, I doubt we would spot as many varieties that one can see in my garden today. Some of the birds, which I can now identify, include the bulbul, flycatcher, birds of paradise, jungle crow, kingfisher, sparrow and pigeon, to name a few.
I believe that this is one of the best activities I do everyday. It helps me in ebbing my grievances. It also helps me unwind when I catch a glimpse of these free souls, not riveted to their past or possessions, destiny or planetary movements; they always seem to be so happy and content. The sound of their chirping, preening, floating and warbling is like divine music to my ears.

With the advent of the dry season, their natural resources of water start shrinking. As a result, birds begin to flock towards the city areas in search of water. Keeping aside water in pots or in a bird bath is the easiest way to provide drinking and bathing water for birds. These can be kept in your balcony, verandah, backyard or terrace.

This can be your valuable contribution in preserving nature. Besides, feeding water to these birds is sure to give you immense pleasure as well. It’s my tenet that nature unbelievably reciprocates our love.

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