Principals head to Cambridge

Principals head to Cambridge

Principals head to Cambridge

The Delhi government has identified a batch of 28 principals to be sent to Cambridge University in the United Kingdom in June for a training programme.

The government had in its Budget in March announced that it will send its teachers and principals to universities like Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge to train them in best education practices.

It had also earmarked Rs 102 crore for this purpose.

Now, the government has selected 28 principals from its 54 ‘model schools’ in the capital to visit the university and other government schools in the United Kingdom (UK) in the third week of June.

To improve infrastructure and providing quality education in government schools, the Education department had identified 54 schools which were to be developed as ‘model schools’.

Teaching methodology

“In the UK, the percentage of students going to private schools is very less. Around 95 per cent children prefer government schools and they are performing well. So the principals will get a chance to understand the teaching methodology and the way these schools operate,” said a government official.

Even though the duration of the trip is still being worked out, for the first few days, the principals will undergo a leadership training programme at the university, following which they will be visiting some of the local schools to understand the education system.

“They will get an opportunity to interact with the teachers at those schools. Also, we are planning to call the teachers from there to visit Delhi,” the official said.

The next batch will be sent in July or August, he added.

Stressing the government’s commitment to bring state-run schools at par with private schools in the capital, the government has given a push to programmes involving training of teachers and principals.

Earlier, in April and May, around 60 school principals in two batches were underwent a five-day training programme at IIM Lucknow to learn leadership and management skills.