Watch out the designs

Watch out the designs

Time is precious, especially when ignoring it means you'll miss a plane or a chance to seal a business deal. Watches have definitely evolved from the days when they were odd curiosities. However a clock or a watch that is an integral part of your everyday life can be much more than a functional piece of machinery that helps you keep pace with your schedule. It can be a work of art, a cherished piece of craftsmanship that can become a family heirloom,” says Rakesh Nazare, who has made time his business and passion through his company Renaissance International.

From one-minute hourglasses to stately grandfather clocks, from antique looking pocket watches to charming cuckoo clocks, Rakesh makes them all and encourages patrons to enjoy the experience of old-fashioned time pieces that are not just digital number crunches but have beauty and character as well.

“Grandfather clocks are rich in history and tradition and are also known as longcase or tallcase clocks. My love affair with clocks began when I set out to buy a grandfather clock for my home and found a beautifully preserved piece on Commercial Street, that was also prohibitively expensive. I then decided to get into the clock manufacturing business myself and since then have been on a mission to research and develop different types of clocks that are functional, affordable and attractive,” he explains.

Rakesh also has an interesting collection of small antique clocks, that he displays with all the pride of a collector, tiny-bird cages and opaque glass globes embellished with gleaming bits of brass which he has sourced  from all over the world.

“Our grandfather clocks are really a testament to a fine collaboration between designers, woodworkers, and silversmiths creating timepieces that are meant to be beautiful, functional, and long-lasting. Grandfather, Cuckoo , chiming wall clocks and any other type of clock that announces the passing of time with some sort of melodious chime, ring or bong and of course, the sound of the cuckoo bird are what we create,” he adds.
Why stop at clocks? Rakesh is also on a mission to promote hour-glasses and pocket watches as an integral part of modern timekeeping and fashion.

“Hour-glasses were invented in Egypt and were carried around just as people carry watches today.They make attractive desktop additions and serve a purpose.”
In the past, the pocket watch was considered both vogue and functional and many people have sentimental memories of older family members sporting treasured pocket watches. While it has mainly given way to modern wrist watches, it still remains both a historically relevant time-piece, and a collector’s dream. I have a very affordable range of pocket watches that young people can clip onto their waistbands and use as efficiently as wrist watches and for short time segments what can be more attractive than a sand glass,” he says.

Renaissance International is housed in Total Mall on Airport Road.

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