How will we complete our studies, ask jittery students

How will we complete our studies, ask jittery students

How will we complete our studies, ask jittery students

 Students of NS Lane Government schools in JC Nagar were delighted on Monday as they got school bags and books from the Dream School Foundation which is supporting their education. Little did they know that they would have to face a shock when they returned to school on Tuesday.

They were unsure of their fate after defence officials put up a notice asking them to vacate the campus. Anxious students stood silently as others began shouting slogans. Mehtaj, a student of JC Nagar PU College said, “Two of my brothers and a sister are studying in the same school and I am in the first year commerce. There is no other college in this area.” The eldest daughter of the house, she is raised by a single mother who makes a living by tailoring. Fatima, a commerce student said, "How can I afford to complete my education if this college is shut? I really have worked hard and am a distinct ion student. My father is a tailor and we cannot afford to study in a private institute," she added.

Students were at the college when the defence officials pasted the notice on the college walls. “They came around 2.30. Our teachers tried reasoning with them,” recalled another student.
Iftar at school

It was amid high drama that students of the Muslim community ended their fast. The school management had brought fruits and bread for the children. At 6.51 pm, children were offered food both by the school and defence officials. However, prompted by a group of local leaders, the children began shouting slogans against the defence officials. “We do not want your food. Give us our school,” they repeated. However, the defence personnel requested the students to have the biscuits and tea.

Komal, a Class VIII student carried out her responsibility amid the chaos. “I lock the school door everyday and have done it even today. I hand over the keys to my teachers later. It is my school and so my responsibility. I will not let anyone take the keys,” said the girl.

Narayan Singh, a retired defence personnel and a student of the same school took the side of the students. “I studied here for seven years. I feel sad about this,” he added.

Minister’s assurance to students

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Tanveer Sait on Tuesday assured students of the government schools in JC Nagar that they would not be inconvenienced.

Contending that the defence authorities had staked claim over the premises of five government schools in the locality, BJP MLA Y A Narayanswamy told the Legislative Assembly that nearly 1,800 students had been “brought to the streets”.

Sait said that he would hold discussions with the defence authorities and ensure that students are not put into trouble. “We have been writing to the defence since 2013 about this matter, but to no avail. I have also asked the Advocate General to look into the matter, and initiate legal processes if need be,” he added.

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