Kuluvas waiting for title deeds since 30 yrs

Kuluvas waiting for title deeds since 30 yrs

Community members have official identity cards, but are still denied land documents

The residents of Kuvempu Nagara near Halesanthe in Kadur have been demanding title deeds for the past 30 years.

They have Aadhaar, voters’ identity and ration cards. But they are still waiting for the title deeds for the sites they have been dwelling upon.

The colony has 60 houses belonging to Kuluva community. A majority of them eke out their living by making baskets from bamboo. The road leading to the Kuvempu Nagara is in a good condition. There are two street lights and public taps. But they have been denied of title deeds. They said they had appealed to the town municipal council several times in the past, but there was no response from them.

The members of Kuluva community collect bamboo from Hosapete, make baskets and other farm implements.

Nuliya Chandayya Yuvakara Kshemabhivruddhi Sangha President Anand Kumar said, “The community members who have all the documents to prove that they are citizens of India are still waiting for the title deeds. The TMC should listen to the woes of the residents.”

The residents said the dumping of poultry waste near the colony is causing inconvenience to the residents. The poultry shops nearby should be shifted from the vicinity, he said.

Kadur TMC Chief Officer M Manjappa said, “Kuvempu Nagara residents have demanded title deeds. Owing to technical glitch, there has been delay in the issue of title deeds. The list of eligible beneficiaries will be finalised and it brought to the notice of the MLA shortly.”