Now 'Tiki Tar' sheet roads at HBR Layout

Now 'Tiki Tar' sheet roads at HBR Layout

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike is re-laying roads with ‘Tiki Tar’ sheets at HBR Layout at a cost of Rs 1.14 crore. The Palike had, for the first time, successfully laid these sheets on the Richmond Circle flyover recently.

The Palike decided to opt for the tar sheet asphalting technology in a bid to make the road surface more durable and weather-proof.

Under the new technology, asphalting work is carried out by laying 'Tiki Tar' sheets that are water-bound bituminous emulsions. These sheets come in rolls, packed in drums. These brown sheets become black six hours after they are laid. Once the colour changes, a primer and bitumen concrete are poured on them. The sheets are manufactured by Mumbai-based Tiki Tar Industries.

BBMP executive engineer, Traffic Engineering Cell (TEC) C S Umashankar said that at present, around 570 metres of the stretch from BDA Complex, HBR Layout 2nd Block to the corner of Tannery Road will be laid with tar sheets. “We have already covered a few metres of the stretch," he said.

Upgrade of flyovers

Palike officials said that other flyovers too would be upgraded with tar sheets soon and they are in the process of identifying prominent flyovers across the city.