Decking up the halls

Decking up the halls

Decking up the halls
Aakruti Thimraj, an account manager, enjoys turning unattractive wooden furniture into colourful artworks.

While she agrees that it is not like the work of a professional, she enjoys giving things in her home a makeover. Many youngsters today like adding their own personal touch to the spaces they live in. Whether it is to paint a wine bottle or quilt a blanket, when one makes it on their own, it adds a certain charm. Hence Aakruti decided to give the glass cupboard in her apartment a makeover.

She says, “I live in a rented apartment with my friend. Though the house was painted and fixed before we moved in, there were still a few paint marks and damp areas in certain parts of the house. I decided to clean that up and soon realised that the glass looked too clean after that. So I used the leftover paint at home and started doodling. The final result was the glass cupboard with monster faces on them. It’s not a great piece of art but it’s fun to look at it.”

She has transformed her dinning table at her parent’s house because she thought it looked too plain. “I make sure that whenever I do one of my do-it-yourself projects, it is usually with something that is old. That way, no one can say anything if it turns out that bad,” she exclaims.

It’s very common to find Bengalureans attempting do-it-yourself (DIY) projects these days. It's a great stress-busting activity and keeps them busy as well. Gayathri GK, a senior consultant says, “I have always been possessive about my room which I would do up in whatever way I fancied. My mother encouraged me and her collection of exotic decor books proved to be a great inspiration.”

But she took it seriously only after she moved to the city. “My very first effort was a quote poster for the bedroom which I made using stencils. Since then, I have been  browsing through Pinterest and blogs for ideas and created a range of products including frameable art, glass painting, fridge magnets, upcycled bottles, photo frames and even hair bands,” she explains. Decorating her home with DIY products became a part of her daily life. She soon took to making gifts for her family and friends.

For many, creating a piece that suits their personality is more important than finding a place for it at home. It could be a hobby or just a stress-busting activity, but recycling and upcycling is something youngsters enjoy. Priyanka Rath, a lawyer, says that when her friends come home, they comment that they have come to a museum. She laughs, “I have a very quirky living room with some of the most random home decors. My house is less about elegance but more about my personality; I love it!” She uses medium-density fibreboard (MDF) to make DIY decors. She has now taken an interest in decoupage.

She says, “I’m working on making gift boxes, photo frames and other interesting things with it. I also upcycle bottles, make collect fridge magnets and decorate candle stands. Each of them has my own touch to it and my personality. It’s what a home is all about after all!”