Liquor under scanner

Liquor under scanner

Officers keep close watch on the use of alcohol

Liquor under scanner

C R Chikkamath

Addressing a press conference here, State Election Commissioner C R Chikkamath said the Excise Department has been directed to depute “road watchmen” to curb manufacture of illicit liquor, storage and its transportation. Excise officers have also been directed to cancel the license of liquor shops that remain open and do business beyond prescribed time. As many as 30 cases have already been booked for violation of provisions of the Karnataka State Excise Act.

The Bangalore police have taken 768 persons, mostly known anti-socials into preventive custody under Section 107/109/116 of the CrPC. As many as 829 non-bailable warrants have been executed and 6,482 are pending.

Unauthorised hoardings would be removed and the cost incurred to remove the hoarding will be debited for the candidate’s election expense, he said. TV campaign material have been certified by a pre-review committee, he said.

Campaign ends on March 26

Political parties and candidates have only three more days for mass campaigning as public campaign and public meeting will have to end by 7 am on March 26.

As per section 41 of Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act 1976 public campaigning will have to end 48 hours prior to the date of commencement of the polls.

As polling starts at 7 am on March 28, all public campaigning will have to end by 7 am on March 26.

In other words, candidates contesting for corporation polls end up losing a day for public campaigning.