Water a problem for gardening? This grand old woman from Srinivaspur has lessons

Water a problem for gardening? This grand old woman from Srinivaspur has lessons

Leading the way

Who would not like to have on their plates those fresh herbs and vegetables plucked right from the backyard? Many do. But the problem of water and the lack of space have made it a next to impossible task. But here is an 85-year-old lady, who shows you the way to overcome all these hurdles.

Venkatamma from Panasamakanahalli village grows fruits and vegetables required for her family’s daily consumption on her own, using greywater (waste water generated in the household). She has two drumstick plants, one guava, a gooseberry and curry plants, two sapodilla and sandalwood trees each, besides an array of flowering plants in her backyard.

Venkatamma, who is basically a farm woman also owns an agricultural field near her house. However, owing to the water problem, which has largely hit agricultural activities in the region, Vekatamma had to limit herself to growing vegetables and fruits in her backyard. This old lady not only ensures that the grey water reaches plants, but has issued a ‘diktat’ to other family members too. The water used for washing utensils directly reaches vegetable plants such as ridge gourd, bitter gourd etc, while the water from the bathroom flows to guava and coconut trees. The waste water from the water filter too does not go wasted in her house. This is used in the toilet and the bio-gas plant. As a step forward, Venkatamma is now planning to harvest rain water.

“People say they do not have water for gardening. But according to me one can easily grow enough fruits and vegetables for their domestic consumption, if they know how to put the water to its best use. It does not need any extraordinary skills. But just a strong will,” says
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