'Ira' is a raw movie'

'Ira' is a raw movie'

Candid chat

'Ira' is a raw movie'
Actor Krishi Thapanda has her kitty full and is excited about the oles she is exploring. Saying that  she has learnt many lessons from her latest projects, ‘Kannadakaggi Ondanu Otti’ and ‘Ira’, the actor talks to Tini Sara Anien about her roles and more.

Your latest movie ‘Eradu Kanasu’ is a complete family entertainer. How was the experience?
Everytime one of my movies releases, I feel an adrenaline rush the night before. It always feels like my first movie is hitting the screens. In this movie, I play Shruthi, a reporter, and I loved the movie for its content. My only regret was that I wasn’t in the city when the movie released and wasn’t able to sit with the audience and enjoy it, as I was at a shoot.

So you don’t watch your movie before the release?
When an actor watches his or her movie before it hits the screen, they will be judgemental about it. They will always think that a scene could have been acted out differently. I like watching the movie with the audience.

What is keeping you busy nowadays?
I just wrapped up the shoot for ‘Kannadakaggi Ondanu Otti’. I will be done with ‘Ira’ soon. The roles in both the movies are different from each other. I am super confident about both these movies.

Tell us about your roles...
 In ‘Kannadakaggi...’ I play two characters — one of a bubbly engineering student and the other of a village belle. The two characters are a contrast to each other. In ‘Ira’, I play the character Ira. The movie shows things that happen in a span of a few hours in one night. There are no beautiful moments in this. ‘Ira’ is a raw movie.

Genres you like to work in...
I would like to work in movies that excite me. While ‘Ira’ is a suspense thriller, ‘Kannadakaggi Ondanu Otti’ is a love story in a different style. I have been lucky to have worked in  different types of movies. But more than the script, I select a movie if I get a positive vibe from the team.

How close to your characters are you?
My role in ‘Akira’ was very close to who I am. In ‘Kahi’ I played a serious role and it was challenging. Whenever I play a new character, I explore myself a bit more.

What are the lessons you learnt from the industry?
I have learnt not to overdo things. People tend to judge or take others for granted in the industry. I have learnt to be careful.

Your chemistry with other actors in the industry...
I have a great chemistry with all the actors that I have worked with. Be it Anish, Suraj, Vasishta, Rajvardhan or Vijay Raghavendra, it has been a lot of fun with each one of them. I get along with people easily.

How do you relax?
Travelling! I have great like-minded friends who like travelling. If not with them, I travel by myself.

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