'It was disturbing to play the character'

'It was disturbing to play the character'

'It was disturbing to play the character'

Actor Raveena Tandon doesn’t work on a project unless she is convinced about the script. Her latest film, ‘Maatr – The Mother’, which is based on the Nirbhaya case, will release on April 21.

The film revolves around issues related to violence against women and exposes the flaws in the judicial system. In an interview with Nina C George, Raveena talks about the making of ‘Maatr...’.

What made you accept ‘Maatr...’?
I felt very strongly about the subject of ‘Maatr...’. In my college days, I have faced eve-teasing when I used to travel by buses and local trains. You see crime against women rising annually in our country but those committing them don’t seem to be afraid of the law anymore.

What is your character in the film?
I play the role of a mother whose daughter is a victim of sexual abuse. The film captures the incidents that force the mother and her family to become silent victims of such exploitation.

Was the role tough to essay?
It was disturbing to play the character. If actors get disturbed just enacting the scene, imagine what real victims go through in their life. It is like a living nightmare.

Does the film talk about the failure of the judicial system?
Yes. The film talks about the failure of the judicial system and its inability to deliver speedy justice. This may be a fictional story but it could become someone’s reality.

The trailer of the film has evoked a strong response...
The trailer of ‘Maatr...’ has already crossed two million hits. This is great because we wanted to make a noise about the issue and get people talking about it.

How would you describe ‘Maatr...’?
‘Maatr’ is not a commercial film with song and dance. It is a strong, gritty, bold and dark film, which portrays the harsh realities of life.

On the personal front, how do you manage to stay fit?
I’ve really not had time to go the gym for the last six months. I do a 45-minute workout of any kind everyday. I don’t find the need to starve myself or go on a binge diet. I eat healthy.