'Drop pourakarmikas' Singapore trip plan, provide facilities instead'

'Drop pourakarmikas' Singapore trip plan, provide facilities instead'

The Karnataka State Pourakarmikas’ Association has termed the state government's plan to send 1,000 pourakarmikas to Singapore a sheer waste of money and has asked the government to instead focus on regularising contract workers.

Association president A Jayram told DH that they plan to write to the government asking it to withdraw its plan. “Instead, use the same funds to provide better facilities to pourakarmikas,’’ he said.

He said, “The CM announced revision of pourakarmikas’ wages many months ago. It, however, has not been implemented even in a single BBMP ward. Few pourakarmikas understand English. What is the use of sending them there when they are not treated properly here?”

The association said most of the pourakarmikas are still not provided basic facilities like masks, brooms and rest rooms.

The government plans to send 1,000 pourakarmikas from all corporations in the state. BBMP plans to send one pourakarmika from each of the 198 wards to make them learn civic responsibilities.

Lalithamma, a pourakarmika from the east zone said that while they are being provided mid-day meals, they are forced to have their food standing on the streets.“

We are not provided rest rooms or toilets. We have to lift garbage with bare hands since no gloves are provided. We will benefit more if the government focuses on this instead of arranging a trip to an unknown place,” she added.

While BBMP Commissioner N Manjunath Prasad was unavailable for comment, Mayor G Padmavathi said she is yet to get all the details on the proposed trip.