SMVITM students design system for vehicles to prevent accidents

SMVITM students design system for vehicles to prevent accidents

The final year students of Electronics and Communication Engineering at the Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management (), Bantakal, have designed and developed a Smart Vehicle Protection System.

In order to prevent accidents due to various reasons, a group of students has designed an alarm system that can monitor the vehicle condition during travel. In this system, several ultrasonic sensors are mounted around the vehicle, to detect objects nearing the vehicle and alert the driver through voice messages and LCD display kept in front of the driver.

An alcohol sensor is mounted near the driver’s seat. If the driver has consumed alcohol, the vehicle will not start. Instead, if the driver consumes alcohol while driving, then the engine will automatically stop. The system also has a temperature sensor to detect excessive heating of the engine and thereby prevent a possible fire. Even after such precautions, if the vehicle meets with an accident, then the system automatically sends messages to the emergency number with the location information.

The system was designed and developed by Pavan Acharya, Sahana S, Shishir and Suthesh Bhat, under the guidance of Assistant Professor Arun Upadhyaya.

Accident while driving on the road is a primary concern for everyone. Heavy vehicles such as trucks and other loaded vehicles have points known as ‘blind points’, which are not visible from the driver’s seat.

Sometimes, even if an object is very near to the vehicle, it may not be visible to the driver. This is called a ‘blind spot’. Due to fog and rain, obstacles and other vehicles may not be visible to the driver.
In such cases, there is a very high chance of accident taking place. During night time, if the driver feels sleepy, accident can happen. Nowadays, another common reason for accident is drunken driving.