Oh boy! We lost it again...

Oh boy! We lost it again...

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Oh boy! We lost it again...

Yippie: The crowd cheering on RCB. DH Photo by Kishor Kumar BolarIt was after a two-week gap that the IPL matches were being played in the City.
A board hung at the entrance to the main hall read, “All tickets for 10, 17,
21 and 22 matches sold out”.

Yes, and the stadium rocked with people on their toes throughout the match to cheer and make sure not a moment is wasted in supporting their home team. They were only a few Deccan Chargers supporters.

But soon there was desperation writ large on the faces of the fans of  Royal Challengers Bangalore as their team began losing its hold over the proceedings. The fans knew that it was not all hunky dory as the RCB batsmen struggled initially.

There was a turnaround in the RCB fortunes as Jacques Kallis and Virat Kohli belted away sixers and boundaries.  Soon the fans regained their lung power and hooting reached the crescendo.

Aftab Shivdasani, who was on a private visit in the City, dropped by to support the RCB.
Vivek Oberoi who was here to promote his movie Prince also cheered on the RCB. Deepika Padulone too showed up.The Deccan Chargers also had its glamour brigade. Venkatesh, the Telugu film star, led the DC support.

Ashwini, Rao, Venky, Sonam Kaur and MalaBut alas, the star-spangled cheering squads of RCB could not save the hosts. The disappointment and disgust were evident among the fans.

They were unhappy that some of the RCB players didn’t even stay for a short while on the crease and their fielding was below par. But most of them have pinned their hopes on the remaining matches and still wish RCB would make it to the semi-finals.

Ashwini, a student, says that with every game it only gets better, “since RCB was playing at home after a long gap, I came with a lot of expectations. Manish and Robin were really disappointing. It’s only Virat’s batting that saved the day.”

Virat Kohli’s quick sixes saved the team and got them the much needed push towards the 100 run. Many spectators even shifted their loyalties from Uthappa to Kohli. “Kohli’s sixes gave some hope to all of us,” said Venky, an architect.

There were many in the crowd who started making plans for the semi-finals and there were also those who just came there to enjoy good food and unlimited beverage. “This was my first live cricket match. I love the enthusiasm and the buzz here in the stadium. Win or lose, I plan to come here again,” said Mala, a homemaker. Sonam Kaur says she will not lose hope and is sure that RCB would make it to the finals. “It’s not just the match but good food that I relish here,” said Sonam.

Group Captain Rao said that he loved everything about the match, “Winning and losing is part of the game. But this is excitement at its best. It’s been a wonderful experience,” said Rao.

Cricket lovers 

Deepika Padukone Actress
 “I always wish the best for my team. They’re all professional players and I am sure they know how they’re fairing. I have got a variety of T shirts and formal tops designed in red to wear to the IPL. I thought it would be nice to come dressed in variations of red.” 

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
CEO Biocon
 “I’ve been having such a wonderful time. I am sure the team will do well. They will emerge victorious.”

Jennifer Kotwal
 “I love cricket, especially the IPL, and enjoy it to the fullest. IPL is filled with entertainment and there is so much enthusiasm in the stadium. I have come here with a huge gang of friends which only makes the experience more memorable. For this match my support is definitely for the RCB. Virat Kohli has played really well this time and Jacques Kallis as always has been consistent.”