Fight against corruption, Lokayukta tells students

Fight against corruption, Lokayukta tells students

Speaking after inaugurating the indoor stadium on the occasion of the golden jubilee celebrations of Poorna Prajna College here on Saturday, he said that education unearths intellectual calibre among humans. Most often the intellectual capacity is utilised for evil purposes.

An intellectual genius can be productive to the society only if he is honest. Or else he may prove detrimental to the health of society. Money is indeed required for livelihood. However, it should not be the sole purpose of life. In India, nearly 66 per cent of people live below poverty line.  They are deprived of all basic amenities, he added.

The corruption that has been taken place since the dawn of independence cannot be eradicated in 6 years, he said adding that he has often been questioned about the genuineness of nabbing some corrupt officials, because it is not the end of corruption, but rather adds up to the mess.

I have met with failure many times in my attempt to build a corruption free society. However, students are the bona fide campaigners against corruption, as they are the future of the country. I have been visiting educational institutions for a couple of years delivering talks on corruption and its evil outcomes. My attempt will yield positive impact even if 1 per cent of the students go against corruption, he added.

Education should not be business. Rather it should be value based. Teaching and learning should be part of personality development, the Lokayukta said and lamented that even the fourth estate is not spared from corruption.

Admaru mutt pontiff Sri Vishwapriyatheertha Sripada, Paryaya Shiroor mutt pontiff Sri Laxmivaratheertha Sripada, Oscar Fernandes, Transport Minister R Ashok, Fisheries and Information and Technology Minister Anand V Asnotikar, Udupi MLA Raghupathy Bhat, Kaup MLA Lalaji R Mendon, CMC President Dinaker Shetty and others were present.